New Pay Limit Scheme (31.250 kr. per month)

March 21, 2023

The new supplementary pay limit scheme (DKK 31.250 per month)

The Danish Parliament will vote on a new amendment to the immigration law on the 23rd of March 2023. It will enter into force on the 1st of April this year (2023). If voted through the amendment will add a new pay limit scheme, expand the fast-track scheme, the positive list for highly the educated, the start-up scheme and replace the establishment card.

Employers have been waiting a long time for a pay limit scheme that can cover more types of jobs. We will review what we know about the new requirements below.

What are the requirements for the new pay limit scheme?

First and foremost, the salary limit for the new pay limit scheme is DKK 375,000 per year, which is DKK 31,250 per month. As the current pay limit scheme, the amount will be adjusted every year. The employment must also appear genuine, and conditions must be considered normal for the Danish labour market.
It’s also a requirement that the position has been advertised in EURES (European Employment Services) and Jobnet for at least 2 weeks PRIOR to applying. Other job services can NOT be used instead. Employers who want to be ready to submit applications on the day of the legislation’s enforcement, you must announce the job advertisement today.

In addition, the applicant must not have been fined DKK 3,000 (or more) in the past 2 years before submission. After obtaining a work permit, the applicant may not receive or concede a fine of DKK 3,000 (or more).
Finally, it’s a requirement for the new scheme that the previous 3 months of seasonally adjusted gross unemployment is on average NOT above 3.75 percent. This means that the scheme cannot be used if unemployment rises too much in Denmark.

If the legislation is implemented, there will be a lot to work with. We only have the possibility to review the changes broadly in this article. We therefore always recommend that you seek professional advice if you plan to apply for a work permit. IMMLAW Group can be of assistance with this.

With our many years of experience with work permits, we can advise in detail on the specifics. Or help fill out and submit the work permit itself. You can book a consultation here. You can also read more about work permits more generally here.

Adrian Pierre Hübner

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